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Bath Physiotherapy Treatment

Welcome to Bath Physio

During the initial assessment at Bath Physiotherapy your physiotherapist will firstly complete a thorough assessment of your problem. The physiotherapist will take a full history, discuss previous treatments and possible related injuries. The physiotherapist at Bath Physiotherapy will ask you about your medical history and will try and obtain an understanding of your work, rest and sports activities. The physiotherapy assessment be followed by a comprehensive physical assessment. This will typically involve the problem area or joint and related parts of the body.

After completing a full physiotherapy assessment your physiotherapist will then be able to provide the most appropriate treatment for you.

Physiotherapy treatment at Bath Physiotherapy may include joint mobilisation, massage, muscle and movement re-education. You will also be provided with the appropriate exercises for your problem.

You will almost always be given a tailored exercise programme and advice about how to pursue particular activities correctly so that you can continue your therapy at home and work.

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